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Commander's Intent
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS) Sicily, Italy
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Commander's Intent and Guidance

The United States (U.S.) is at a growing nexus of strategic competition from nations who seek gains at America's expense. Within the context of this evolving security environment, our globally distributed Navy stands as the nation's forward bastion to check aggression, malign influence and efforts to undermine international norms. For the last twenty years our competitors studied how the U.S. Navy operates and fights, now they actively contest us in the electromagnetic and cyberspace domains to shape them for their own advantage. It is within these contested domains, electromagnetic and cyberspace, that Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Sicily serves as a vital element of our Navy's forward deployed forces and a critical contributor to U.S national defense.

Execute electromagnetic (EM) and cyberspace actions and activities, generate and sustain system and personnel readiness, and posture for future contingencies in order to maximize warfighting advantage across all assigned EM and cyberspace missions and terrain.


  • Warfighting Focus. Adversaries are actively contesting U.S. and friendly forces within the EM and cyberspace domains, which are as critical to modern Naval and Joint operations as surface, undersea and air warfare. This necessitates every crewmember- regardless of rate/designator or active duty/civilian/local national status- adopt a Warfighting Focus during planning, prioritization, resourcing, execution, and assessment of all Command actions and activities. EM and cyber warfighting advantage is a product of knowledgeable individuals working across all fields to capitalize on opportunities inherent in the operating domains or generated via our technical capabilities. As a result, leaders across the command and at every level will actively plan and promote individual education and professional development.

  • Agility. The EM and cyberspace domains are naturally dynamic, requiring an ability to pivot and adapt effectively at the right time. Strategic planning aids agility by fixing a course, avoiding impulsive changes and identifying viable pivot points. To this end, NCTS Sicily will develop and communicate clearly articulated strategic plans to guide command, department and individual efforts. Additionally, insight and innovation from the deckplate are critical in identifying opportunities and means to enhance Agility at all levels.

  • Precision. The technical complexity and speed of action within the EM and cyberspace domains necessitates the highest level of precision and attention to detail in all duties performed. Precision unequivocally requires every one of us to be the foremost expert in our area of responsibility, requiring a sound understanding of our operating environment, exquisite component­ level knowledge of our own systems, and a firm grasp of associated tactics, techniques and procedures. To achieve precision will we also apply the Navy's Watchstanding Principles in everything we do.

Warfighting advantage across all EM and cyberspace missions and terrain assigned to NCTS Sicily is maximized.

Our capability and capacity to generate warfighting advantage when needed is our benchmark of success. To this end, we determine our readiness by evaluating our warfighting focus, agility and precision in execution of our mission essential tasks. The combination of formal and informal assessments, as well as scenario-driven training and drills, will form our means of evaluating readiness. We will then integrate our findings into future plans, directives and actions to enable continuous improvement in all areas.

NCTS Sicily is an operational warfighting command. We are the Navy's premier operators in the EM and cyberspace domains. As such, it demands that we pursue and sustain a culture of excellence in all that we do. This is a high bar, but you and our NCTS team are up to the challenge. Our Navy expects nothing less and our nation rightly expects us to compete and dominate. We will do so, and intend to win!  |  Navy.MIL  |  |  Navy FOIA  |  DoD Accessibility/Section 508  |  No Fear Act  |  Open Government  |  Plain Writing Act  | 
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